DMD DLP chip for ViewSonic PJD6531w
DMD DLP chip for ViewSonic PJD6531wDMD DLP chip for ViewSonic PJD6531w
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Despite the popular myth it’s not possible to predict exactly operating time of a chip based on chip quality or even part revision.

The real time that chip will serve is based on a way the projector will be used. If used with no overheating of a projector the chip will work perfectly for many years.

DMD chip created by Texas Instrument and designed to work up to 15 000 hours. So even used chip is able to work for a long time when used appropriately. Dead pixels appear because of an overheating of a chip.

So make sure to check fans and cooling system, to use quality thermal paste and remove dust from projector when replacing a chip.

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DMD DLP chip for ViewSonic PJD6531w

Genuine DMD DLP chip carefully pulled from fully working unit.

This chip is compatible with any of the following projector models:

ViewSonic PJD6531w

If you are not sure which chip you need, please let us know your projector model and we’ll be glad to assist you.

DMD chip should be replaced by certified service, projector cooling system should be repaired before installation. Please note we are not responsible for any damaged with DMD chip if it was replaced by not certified service.


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      Texas Instruments




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  • DMD chip and high performance thermal compound paste


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