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Before installing the chip, we recommend that you read this instruction.
All DMD chip purchased from us undergo careful inspection and defective ones are excluded. We test them 2 times to make sure there is no any damage.

We also offer projector repairs and chip replacements. Please contact us for more information

99% of chip malfunctions are related to overheating, which leads to the freezing of nano mirrors at certain angles and appears as the appearance of dots (pixels), which can be seen even without installing the chip in the projector.

If your projector does not have such pixels, then most likely the problem is not with the chip.
If you see these pixels on the screen or chip, then the problem is with the chip overheating, and before replacing the chip, you need to eliminate the cause of the overheating of the new chip, which will undoubtedly occur if the cause of the overheating is not eliminated:

– Make sure there is no dust and dirt in the projector, thoroughly blow all the internals of the projector.
– Make sure that all fans are clean without dust and work correctly.
– Temperature sensors are functioning correctly and accurately determining the temperature.
– It is very important that the bulb is original in the original housing; a non-original bulb can cause the chip to overheat.

Chip installation:
– Thoroughly blow and clean the projector from dust and dirt.
– Clean the heat sink surface with alcohol, remove the remnants of thermal paste.
– Remove the Voltarea void stickers on the chip (which will adjoin the heat sink).
– Carefully clean the DMD board, DMD board connectors, insert and lock the chip into the connector so that there are no gaps.
– Apply a little thermal paste to the golden surface of the chip, so that it does not flow over the edges.
– Tighten the heat sink so that the thermal paste thoroughly connects the chip and heat sink, do not overtighten so as not to damage the chip.
– Before installing the chip in the projector, wipe the mirror surface from dust and fingerprints, the surface should be absolutely clean.

Malfunctions and solutions
After installation, the entire screen is in pixels:
The chip is poorly connected to the DMD board or thermal paste has gotten into the connectors of the DMD board.

No image or stripes/lines
Check the connection of the chip to the DMD board and the DMD board to the projector main board.

Pixels began to appear
The chip is damaged due to overheating; you need to find the cause of the overheating before the new chip installation

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